G.A.T Agencies
When a customer contacts us, we immediately begin the initiation part of the process: We determine the nature and scope of the agricultural product and analyze the requirements. The key project controls include:
·        an understanding of the target country’s environment and regulations
·        the size of the land for the project
·        the type of crops
·         the consumer market for the products (local or export)
·         the client’s budget.

Next, the client fills in a questionnaire including the data required so that we can adapt the building structures to the type of crop. Clearly there are different requirements and data for crops and for livestock. The data we require include:
·        Ground measurements
·        Land layout and terrain
·        Soil analysis (for growing crops)
·        Water supply and resources
·        Climatic conditions (especially extreme conditions)
·        Electric and gas supply in the area
·        Environmental regulation information
·        Type of crop required
·        The client’s budget

The analysis of the questionnaire is conducted at our company’s head office by top experts: agronomists, dairy and chicken coop experts, construction engineers, heating and cooling engineers. After a detailed analysis of the data according to the client’s demands regarding the type of crop etc., we design and adapt the structure to the function it will serve: greenhouses, poultry houses, and dairy and fishery structures. In countries where a hot climate prevails, we invest in lighter structures that contain advanced ventilation and cooling systems, while in countries with cold climates we focus on solid structures with advanced heating systems—always adapted to the specific crop.

The target market of the agricultural products is very important in order for us to advise the client regarding growing seasons and timing the marketing of the products. Marketing high quality agricultural products at the target market when local products are out-of-season makes it possible for the client to market agricultural products at high prices with increased profits.
Immediately following the analysis, we present our preliminary price proposal to the client, detailing the costs of the project, additional related expenses required for the project and a short economic analysis of the expected income from the project.