G.A.T Agencies
G.A.T. AGENCIES Ltd. specializes in professionally planning, building and accompanying large scale agricultural projects in open fields, greenhouses and livestock facilities.G.A.T. AGENCIES LTD. is a worldwide multi-business company. Our broad expertise and knowledge in the field of agriculture has made G.A.T. AGENCIES LTD. one of the leading companies in open fields agricultural, livestock farms production, and organic farm management in arid and semi -arid regions. Our ability to tailor appropriate technical solutions to customer needs is a result
of over 28 years of field experience all over the world.

Our knowledge is based on implementing the latest technologies and on practical daily work, side-by-side with leading growers and farmers: our team is headed by professional academic experts.

Each and every project is carefully examined. First we collect, the relevant information including environmental conditions, clients' specifications, market demands. Then a calculation of all the factors is conducted. Only after all these steps are the project is launched.
G.A.T. AGENCIES LTD. has a strong connection with food dealers and potential clients in the European Market, particularly in England, Croatia, and Moldova that have stated their interest in buying our products from our client.

Our field of expertise is planning and executing large scale agricultural projects, mainly in high end greenhouse construction, hen coops, cowsheds and fish farms, and open fields' agriculture. Additional connected technologies and services, are within our scope.
All of G.A.T.'s projects meet specifications of international high quality standards, in advanced technology and professional expertise. We place  great emphasis on ecological aspects and environmental quality control.
G.A.T. AGENCIES LTD. offers a comprehensive product and service package (as contractor or sub-contractor), including turnkey projects. We design so that greenhouses, hen-coops, fish farm and dairies are operated and utilized to the maximum potential all year round, regardless of external climatic and environmental conditions. G.A.T. AGENCIES LTD. has proven its ability to compete in the global market.With the vast experience of G.A.T., together with the growth in world consumption of fruit and vegetables with an increasing emphasis on the dairy segment, there is a wonderful opportunity in the world market for a great success.
We are involved in major agriculture projects in countries all over the world, including Kazakhstan, Romania Georgia Angola etc.

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